“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

-Yves Saint Laurent

Since 1994, Bea Harper has been providing custom apparel and tailoring services through her store, The Fitting Room. Firmly believing that style should be a representation of individuality, she delivers hand-designed fashions, custom-tailoring services, and curated finds meant to express the personality of your style.

For over two decades, The Fitting Room has remained a reflection of elegance, prestige, and high-quality fashion. It is the personal touch you receive when working with Bea that has allowed for the success of her brand. Whether you are looking for a custom piece, in need of expert tailoring, or want to browse through the storefront, you will find your style at The Fitting Room.

With complete pride and dedication to her craft, Bea Harper offers ongoing classes to teach her cultivated skills to any who are wanting to expand their own abilities.


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Bea Harper has a long history of working in the fashion industry. At 13 years old, she was selected to work as an apprentice under Jack Cigelman, a master tailor. It was with the tutelage of this skilled man that Bea was able to hone the skills necessary to fulfill her childhood dream of working in the fashion industry.

In 1979, Bea moved to Texas to work as the master tailor and tailoring supervisor for the newly opened Polo Ralph Lauren store in Highland Park Village. Here, she found a home to build a clientele that truly appreciated her craft. Embracing the demanding, yet appreciative, audience, Bea began making a name for herself among Dallas’ elite.

Starting in 1984, Bea began producing her own designer fashions, including a line of women’s sleepwear, a collection of Western-inspired women’s apparel, waitstaff uniforms, tabletop accessories, and a line of optical accessories. Her products have been sold through catalogs for Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom’s, Horchow, Talbots, Speigel, just to name a few.

Her early success led her to open The Fitting Room, a place where she is able to showcase her style and brand. Everything by Bea Harper is a quality you can take pride in.